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The Shtick™

The Shtick™ is the first major improvement in dining room functionality since the coat rack. It clears the table of the items customers frequently bring with them, from cameras to purses, shopping bags, hats and wraps. It frees chair backs and prevents floor clutter, particularly when rain and snow from footwear can mar a customer’s pricey purse, all the while looking elegant and sleek.

The Shtick™ speaks to your clientele of your commitment to customer service. It eliminates the danger of articles getting damaged, tripped over and creates a dining experience that is less about managing clutter and more about enjoying your menu.

The slim lines of the Shtick™ collection make an attractive addition to your dining area. While the design is light and unobtrusive, the construction is of sturdy metal with a black or nickel finish, ready to take whatever is hung from it.

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