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Table Base Factory

Table Base Factory is the newest division of M.W. Metal Spinning Ltd. Our focus is on delivering table base designs to the hospitality industry directly from the factory. It's a simple concept: buy direct, save money. Many establishments have already taken advantage of the savings involved in buying directly from Table Base Factory.

Table Base Factory offers a wide variety of stylish products, including the first real solution to table clutter, The Shtick™.

Our goal is to provide clients with quality products at highly competitive prices while listening to feedback and improving our products to ensure that customers are completely satisfied.


We guarantee that our products are free from defects, as they are inspected throughout every process while being manufactured. They are made with precision and accuracy as a priority goal for each and every product manufactured at Table Base Factory.

Advanced Technology

As with most industries, new technology and machinery allows for innovation. Our skilled and dedicated employees and our strict quality control processes give us the edge in developing and manufacturing the best table base products you can buy.

M.W. Metal Spinning

Our parent company, M.W. Metal Spinning has been manufacturing high quality metal spun products for over 40 years. The founder Murray Winer opened the plant in 1962. His daughter, Annette Goldstein, has continued his commitment to excellence for the past 20 years. Annette has implemented many new techniques and has added a creative flair to its product line. Her son, Joshua Goldstein is another generation of innovation bringing modern design cues as well as unique ideas to the table.

For more information on M.W. Metal Spinning, click here to visit their site.

Table Base Factory 60 Alness Street North York, Ontario M3J 2G9 Canada
Tel: 416-661-1777 Toll Free within Canada: 1-877-904-7134 Fax: 416-661-4355

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